Skin Workout Consultation

Each Skin Workout plan begins with a medical consultation combined with a 3D scanner called Quantificare. This device allows us to accurately locate your red and dark spots, enlarged pores or wrinkles, which in turn enables a very precise selection of treatment parameters. The Skin Workout consultation is also scheduled in the middle and at the end of the annual plan to monitor the changes taking place in your skin.

What treatments do we offer?

Smart Aging Clinic, as the only clinic in Poland, has created its own skin workout plan, which aims at constant stimulation of autoregeneration using non-invasive laser boosters and regenerative needle boosters. We have completely give up the use of artificial substances such as Botox and fillers.


NanoLaserPeel™ is the basic laser peeling of our signature Skin Workout plans dedicated to young skin. Its task is to prepare it for further laser boosters to intensify their results. It precisely removes unnecessary skin cells, balances the skin tone and beautifully tightens the skin. The the skin texture is smooth and even, its ability to absorb nutrients increases.

BBL® Hero™

This is our „must – have” treatment included in all Skin Workout plans regardless of age. This patented, unique broadband light technology rejuvenates the skin at the molecular level and activates the youth genes, as confirmed by researchers at Stanford University School of Medicine. Thanks to the regular use of BBL® Hero™ technology, the skin not only looks fresh and youthful but above all, it ages more slowly.


ClearSilk® is a comprehensive non-ablative laser technology that reduces imperfections on the surface of the skin associated with photoaging, while simultaneously reaching the deeper layers of the skin. By By heating up the dermis, ClearSilk® activates the skin’s natural self-renewal process, improves the skin tone and reduces redness. Your skin gets thicker and revives its natural glow.


SkinTyte™ uses infrared light energy to increase skin firmness. This innovative, non-invasive technology is primarily dedicated to mature skin because of its high effectiveness in firming, thickening and restoring the natural oval and most importantly - keeping your facial features unchanged.


The Halo® Hybrid fractional laser is our mature clients’ favorite laser booster. Its unique technology uses two waves of light simultaneously, working both on the surface and in the deep layers of the skin, allowing it to regenerate much faster. By stimulating the epidermis it removes discoloration, smoothes the skin texture and reduces pores, while by heating the deeper layers of the dermis it stimulates the production of new collagen.